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The Oral Physician

Studies show that nearly 50% of heart attacks are triggered by oral bacteria.
Dating back to the 1950s, studies have demonstrated links between oral bacteria and diabetes, high blood pressure, dementia, autoimmune diseases, preterm labor, miscarriage, and infertility.


The dentist, accepting the role of Oral Physician, will increase early detection of chronic diseases, improve compliance to care and support risk reduction in medical treatment plans – all outcomes which shall greatly affect the health of the Nation.

Even with today’s pandemic, studies and professional opinion support that decreased oral bacteria will strengthen the immune system, providing the people with a stronger defense against COVID-19.


Recently, more of the dental community have been embracing the research by providing preventive services, such as oral cancer screening, CT scans, nutrition support and saliva testing into their practices – carving for their patients a new distinction of the Oral Physician. This new role integrates systemic disease risk assessments with essential relevance to primary care.

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